Precision solutions for brand communicators

Getting content right to help brands soar

Creating content that resonates with audiences is about putting words together that help ideas take flight ... as well as about mastering the subtlest intricacies and nuances to enlighten readers on new possibilities or to move them to greater depths of feeling.

I work with clients as a writer, editor and brand steward, and I have been commended for bringing clarity, perceptiveness and a keen, unwavering craftsmanship to conceiving and shaping brand messages and other content. I assist clients with needs that include:

  • Communicating with greater precision and impact.
  • Developing and enhancing content for print and digital media including books.
  • Introducing additional marketing and publicity tools to fill in sales cycle gaps.
  • Transforming technical details into more engaging content to reach a wider range of audiences.
  • Re-energizing brands by bringing fresh thinking and vision to programs and campaigns or to individual projects, collateral items and other communications.

In assisting clients with these and other objectives, I help them define their business vision and translate it into compelling, memorable brand content … and in a way that reflects their style, whether it is straightforward, elegant, quirky or some other approach. I am especially experienced with long-form projects that include white papers, case studies and web content, and I also assist clients with developing book manuscripts.

In addition, I have experience working with clients in creating or enhancing content for consulting, training or related services involving leadership, management, operations, employee engagement and personal development.

Clients include authors, consultants, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing agencies, publishers, nonprofits and mid-size companies. My goal is to help them build thriving brand communities and extend their influence by attracting followers, converting prospects and retaining customers for the long haul.